Student Nomination Story

My son's teacher, Ashley Leming is the best teacher. She is highly motivated, compassionate, kind, and patient. She is well versed in "outside-of-the-box" teaching techniques (my son's favorites are bean bag seating and reading in the dark with a headlamp). She is driven to provide developmentally appropriate education by teaching each student as an individual. She fosters a passion for reading in her students that is second to none! My child has grown in leaps and bounds, especially in his pursuit of reading. Since being under Mrs. Leming's guidance, he is above grade level in many areas. She encourages her students with "the power of yet"; my son says "I can't do it, YET!" leaving him with the drive to always try and he WILL improve. My son knows that even if he does not excel at something right away, his teacher is always there to support him. As my son says, "She is the best teacher in the whole Milky Way!" We love Mrs. Leming!

Erin Wolf

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