Student Nomination Story

My first grade teacher is special. I'm in 2nd grade now, and I think about her everyday. All of my friends wait in the hall just to say hi and to see her as much as we can. She made me feel comfortable when I worried about starting a new school. She was like a second mom to us. And she knew how to make the wild kids listen and want to learn. We have alot of wild kids. I have not ever seen another teacher stay amd sweet and lovng as she did with all the bad kids. All the other teachers yell. They are just normal teachers, but Mrs. Gann stands out from the w hole staff. My mom said they need to pay her more or another school is going to . She is more than just nice, it's special. Only She has it. Rhe last day of school she wrote us a letter I put a picture of it underneath. It makes my mom cry.

Rosalyn Beard

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