Student Nomination Story

Miss Austin does a number of things to ensure all students are comfortable and in a positive environment. Every morning she does a class song/dance with us, we write in a gratitude notebook as well as discuss challenging times and what we did to get through the challenges. This really helps me to point out my strong points and lets me know that I can get through anything because I have over come so much. Miss Austin also has a secret box students can write her notes about issues they don’t feel comfortable discussing in front of others and she makes the time to talk to students privately. In addition to all the support and positive self-esteem and confidence she is building with the us, she also has a number of rewards for students. One that my favorites is if you complete every homework assignment for a full month you’re rewarded with an ice cream party! Finally I believe Miss Austin deserves this award because she really supports her students in all aspects. I recently started living with my grandma and Miss Austin is aware of the change and she offered for me to call my mom during lunch because she knows how close I am with my mom. She’s also reached out to see if we need clothes and she offered to purchase me a new backpack because the zipper on mine broke today. Overall when I think about everything Miss Austin does for us, it brings tears to my eyes. I am truly grateful for all her efforts and support.

Taliyah Tidwell

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