Student Nomination Story

Ms. Evans is the most dedicated teacher I have ever come across. She was so attentive to my daughter’s special needs. My daughter is very bright but had severe focus issues. We were unable to get her evaluated because of insurance issues. Ms. Evans created an action plan for her, she was very consistent in following through and with communication. I thought that it may have only been my child or a few select children, but I have learned that she was this way with everyone’s kids. It can be a challenge for teachers to connect with parents because we have both Native Spanish speaking parents and Native English speaking parents. Artiera makes a special point of getting contact information for each family. She uses a wonderful app to keep us informed of our child’s progress. She sends emails regularly. She sends pics of field trips and incomplete homework. She shares resources that we can use to help our kids at home. That may seem like regular teacher activities but with decreasing budgets and increasing class sizes, the demands on our teacher’s time is increasing. Artiera and a few other teachers also identified an issue in our schools that was impacting our African-American students. She could have ignored it or left it to the PTA or parents to address, but instead she spearheaded a program to help encourage our kids. She is involved in just about every activity at our school even outside of her contractual obligations. Every parent that I have spoken to who has had a child in her class has really enjoyed having her as a teacher and a resource. They have ALL commented on her dedication and communication. She is amazing and deserves every raise she is up for, but I really want to recognize her efforts in any way that I can find. Thank you for your time and for this program.

Zoë Brinkley

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