Student Nomination Story

I am nominating Mrs. Milam because she makes such a positive difference in our children's lives. She has had to raise her own money to purchase 3 new tablets for her the students in her classroom. She takes the time to understand each child as an individual and is able to teach them the way they need to be taught in order to succeed. Mrs. Milam truly cares for each of her students and makes them feel important, safe, smart, funny, and that they can make a difference in the world. She not only teaches our children at school, but she also sends home tips and tricks on how parents can help at home to continue the learning after school. As a parent, I would be lost without her tips and her explaining different ways to help our children with homework and our extended studies. Every morning, Mrs. Milam stands at her doorway and is ready to greet each child and parent with a smile on her face. My daughter could be having a bad morning maybe because we were rushing or she did not like the way her hair looked, but seeing her teacher's smile and being greeted by Mrs. Milam every single morning always brings a smile to my little one's face and she forgets she was upset to begin with. I wish I would have had the chance to have a teacher like Mrs. Milam when I was in school. She truly deserves to be honored and recognized for her hard work!

Malaia Talbot

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