Student Nomination Story

Mrs McAlpine is a wonderful teacher, she goes beyond what is expected and has lots of patience for her students and families. Mrs McAlpine has taught two of my children and in the last two years I have seen how much she care and loves teaching her students. She goes out of her way to make sure she communicates with her students families to make sure her students needs are met for their education. During the pandemic my son didn’t want to be home because he wanted to be in the classroom. Mrs McAlpine did everything she could through a computer screen to teach her children and make it fun as well. Sometimes I would laugh and smile watching her and her students and it was all on a computer. We would email each other and tag team my son when he wasn’t doing the school work. I was exhausted and she didn’t give up, she kept me and my son pushing through the pandemic and a computer scream. This teacher has patience of a saint. When she had my daughter this year it was a struggle because my daughter had behavioral issues and sometime it was extreme. The behaviors were so extreme that I actually told Mrs McAlpine to remove my daughter from her classroom or there were times I told her I will not return my daughter because it was exhausting because my daughter’s behaviors at times were to much and I felt awful Mrs McAlpine was dealing with my children behaviors. Mrs McAlpine would not remove my daughter nor would she let me take my daughter out of school. She would alway be calm and get me to be reasonable and make the best decisions. Mrs McAlpine is a very caring teacher and needs to be recognized for all she does for her students and families.

Sherry A Campbell

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