Student Nomination Story

Ms. E is what the students call this young beautiful lady. She is someone you new that went in to College to do exactly what she's doing nothing less. During the pandemic I have had the opportunity to get to see her more at work with my daughter and have grown to admire. She has been on board with video lessons since the beginning. Even if she can only get in 4 math problems per class she is there. Or to just check on everyone or to show them how to even make cookies. At the beginning of the pandemic she sent out a card via postal mail to let all her students no everything was gonna be ok and she cared and missed them very much. My Daughter still reads hers everyday. It touches me so much because unfortunately there are kids out there that don't think people care or miss them and I no that that day they did. She's wonderful, in my eyes she's a friend for life. My daughter would not be progressing the way she has without her.

Daisy Robles

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