Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Safari was my choral director when I was in high school. Since the moment I met her as an eighth grader, she has seen potential in me as a young musician that I could not myself. When I got to be in her choir classes in high school, it was obvious what an incredible musician, teacher, and person she was. Every student who steps foot in her classroom is changed by her energy, passion, and devotion to music education. Her beliefs drive her to use music as a unifying element in the classroom. She advocates for diversity and acceptance amongst all student bodies. She teaches the importance of embracing other cultures through her variety of repertoire choice. I have never seen, let alone experienced, a more loving and fun environment than I have in Mrs. Safari’s class. Trips to Los Angeles, Ireland, and Canada have allowed her students to become a family with one goal - to change the world by making music. Mrs. Safari has inspired me personally more than anyone else has. Her love for what she does has guided me on a similar path; I am studying to be a music teacher at one of the best schools for the profession. This is something I would never have imagined pursuing if it weren’t for her, and yet I can’t picture myself doing anything else. She and I continue to collaborate and work together, whether it be discussing major topics in music education or musically directing a show for a youth theatre company over the summer. Working with Mrs. Safari continues to teach me how to be the best person and the best educator. And while I feel so blessed myself to be learning from her, I know that she has had the same impact on countless other students. One of the most inspiring things about Mrs. Safari is her strong dedication toand ambition in everything she does. She never gives up on anything, and this mindset has rubbed off on many of her students, including me. Because of her, I believe I can do impossible things, because she has shown us that those things are indeed possible with hard work. My favorite quote of hers that I think about to this day is, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Joel Noonan

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