Student Nomination Story

I’m just like any other student you would see at my middle school. This is my second year here and I wouldn’t want to leave; the teachers are so nice, funny and caring about fellow students. I have found out I would have her as a teacher during registration I didn’t know anything about her but I did know I absolutely hate math. But that seemed to all changed throughout this year. When I’m completing a problem I may get mad when I get an answer wrong. She would give the class great notes to help us on homework and bookwork which looking at step by step examples helped the understanding of it way better than just receiving a page with little or no instructions on actually how to solve a math problem. During a test she would also help if you show your work and check the answer and get it incorrect she would look over it to see what you could fix to show in the work. Not only did she help me make my grade passing she also very personal and friendly, she will have no problem talking about personal issues in your life. She will let students sit in alternative locations if needed and has helper teacher for students who need assistance. But one of the best thing for a teacher to have is humor she knows how to make all of laugh during a math lesson to throw some fun in there she has a playful attitude and is a nice teacher. I have went to her for advice in an upcoming problem in my life. She was very good to private and would make sure not to say around other students. I reminder a conversation we had I started saying “ I’m not that smart and my grade is crap...” and her response was “ you try hard and don’t give up thats a A+ in my book.“ That just some reason has stuck with me. There’s so many reasons I could name and tell. But one final word to describe my great teacher is inspirational. In the following pictures you will see her happy attitude towards herself and the students.

Nathaniel Davenport

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