Student Nomination Story

Mr. Christian, you have had such a positive impact on me—as a person and as a student—and I look forward to your class everyday. I was nervous Metals and Fabrication would be hard but an appreciation for welding developed in me. I can’t stop judging or being in awe of welds I see in public. You are helpful, friendly, and caring. You take time to look over my work and give me tips and advice, and for that I am thankful. With gentle advice, a smile, and a pat on the back, you nudge me onto success. Whether it's giving me the settings or telling me to correct my angle or speed, you know what to say. You are blunt and honest and I respect that, it is helpful to hear exactly what I did wrong and how to fix it. And you never cease to give me the right advice, no matter how many bad welds I show you. You are an expert and I trust everything you say. During the lamp project, I had a 16 inch space and you advised that I cut my numbers (my lamp had a ‘34’ on it) at eight inches in length. I thought, “he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, that's half the length of my lamp, it will turn out all wrong.” Even though I assumed it would mess up my project, I went with it. My “stacked” orientation made my lamp turn out excellent and the eight inch peices were perfect. This and the hundreds of other times you've helped me are the reasons I respect you. I look forward to your class because you are more like a friend than a teacher. I love the environment you've created; you make everyone feel welcome. There's a perfect harmony between being funny with the class and getting work done. Stress is alleviated when I can go into a test with a smile after we play pictionary for the access code. And I will never get bored listening to your stories; you are wise and experienced. I like how organized you are; you make everything run smoothly. Your clipboard helps you mark grades and the chart on the locker room door makes it simple for everyone to keep track of what they need to do. You make sure everyone is caught up and on track. You care about us and our futures. You let us know of job opportunities and have listings for them on the shop door which is helpful for everyone going into the trades. You taught me how important it is to have stewardship. I take care of the shop better than I take care of my own room. You showed me how important clean-up is and I developed a love for a clean work space. I learned dignity and humility by cleaning up a space that doesn't belong to me. It isn't pleasant to come into a dirty booth, so I make sure to leave it better than I found it. I started out scared of everything, thinking, ‘is this class gonna be hard?” Even though I thought welding was dangerous, I learned to be comfortable with it. You helped me grow as a student and a person, I appreciate it, thank you Mr. Christian.

Devin Fyock

I grew up around people welding and using their hands. My dad was a welder. Now head of tooling at Supersteel, LLC. One of my uncles was a steamfitter, now working with a contractor still steamfitting. My other uncle was a stem fitter who retired early but still helps at the union when needed. My cousin went into stem fitting these past years and is now a 3rd year apprentice making $20 or more at a brewery with a contractor. My brother went into his steamfitting as an apprentice, he is now a 1st year apprentice still working at the union making $15 an hour. My grandpa went into stem fitting when it first gained popularity in Milwaukee. He worked at miller brewery being one of the best in his group, and he still showed his love for welding going to meetings and events at the union until recently, when they found intestinal cancer. I’ve always had someone to talk to outside my household, someone I knew would listen but also somebody that's been an influence on my high school career. I’ve always knew I wanted to take up welding as a career and follow in my family's footsteps, but I can’t always rely on the people who will always say I’m doing the right thing or a good job. Mr. Christian really helped shape my high school career with his honesty. He wants me to succeed so he pushes me and when he really sees talent in someone he is even harder on them. So you can be ready for the future. He makes his class enjoyable by having conversations with you about your home life and everyday things. Mr. Christian made me realize if I wanted to be successful that I would need to apply myself and work hard, he told me that as long as I put in my best effort and tried my hardest that it didn’t matter what my grades looked like, as long as I trying. Before junior year I was failing a lot of my classes and I didn’t know what I wanted to be in the future. When I talked to Mr. Christian, it wasn’t like I was talking to a teacher instead he was like a friend, helping guide me through school, and this journey we call life. Mr. Christian showed me that you don’t have to be the smartest to do something that's enjoyable to you. He always tries to crack jokes and no matter who you are, he will always give u a glare and a smile if he sees you're unhappy. He is so selfless, going out of his way to make others happy, not caring what people think. He puts in all his effort to make sure you're succeeding now and in the future. Mr. Christian has helped me overcome challenges both in school and out of school and for that I would like to show my appreciation to him. Thank you Anthony Christian for everything you’ve done to help me succeed as a student and as a person.

Joseph Brack

As I wandered the halls aimlessly looking for room #176 on my second day at Arrowhead High School, at the new campus I would finish high school in (north campus). Two minutes after the bell rings I finally found the classroom. As I go to open the door, I notice a big hand written note saying “Meet in Lab B.” I thought, Great now I'm gonna be even more late, this teacher isn’t gonna be happy with me. I finally found the room, as I walked in I was expecting so sort of “Where were you” or “Why are you so late.” But as I walked into the class, I was met by a taller man with a beard (he hasn’t seen his chin since he was 18, as he tells his students) wearing a flannel shirt, jeans, and boots. “Welcome to metals one. I'm Mr. Christian, what’s your name?” I told him my name and we began class. The metals shop was being re-done (meaning we couldn’t do much of anything we were supposed to in our metals class). You could tell as the weeks went by, Mr. Christian grew frustrated; we wanted to get into the shop and so did he. But that didn’t stop him from making class fun and enjoyable. Everyday we would learn and laugh. As the semester went on, we finally got into the shop. That is when I really started to appreciate Mr. Christian. He cared about how we did in the class and the quality of our work. Some teachers seem to just want you to finish and they don’t worry about how you did, but not Mr. Christian. I had him both semesters and grew a good bond with him. I could come and talk about anything with him. As the end of the year approached, he would ask about my future plans, trying to keep tabs on what I was doing over the summer. I’ve never had a teacher ask or even seem that interested in what my plans were or how they could help. He said, “̈If you need anything over the summer email me, and email me pictures so I can see what your up to.” This really meant a lot to me, because Mr. Christian doesn't have to care about what I do or where I go. But he does anyway. The summer went by and the new school year started. Once again I had Mr. Christian for a new type of class that allows students to mimic a real world job structure. To this day, Mr. Christian asks me about what my future plans and offers guidance on how to get there. I haven’t met another teacher who can sit around a classroom and make jokes, laugh, and teach us life lessons all in an 80 minute class period. Mr. Christian is an educator in every way and I couldn't think of someone I’d rather see get this award.

Connor Juenger

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