Student Nomination Story

This is a difficult story to tell. My grandson loves his teacher and his friends so when COVID-19 kept him from all of them it was so sad. He tried to understand why but at 4 years old no one can help you understand. Not long after school was cancelled, parents were notified that Ms. Anne was being forced to retire. I'm not gonna lie, I cried my eyes out. Ms. Anne is dedicated to teaching. She loves the kids and puts her heart into teaching them, preparing them for kindergarten. Since there has been no class, Ms. Anne has driven by each students house at least once a week to teach them. Today, April 9th, she had the Easter bunny with her and have the kids homemade face masks. She's not being paid for this time. She does it because she loves it and I can tell you she brightens my grandsons day. She is amazing and I can not thank her enough for her love and kindness!

Kienan Jackson

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