Student Nomination Story

My name is Mae Cramer and I am nominating my AP US History teacher, and mentor, Mrs. Anna Sturdivant. Mrs. Sturdivant has changed my life in so many ways. I had the impeccable privilege to have Mrs.Sturdivant as my AP US History teacher during my junior year of high school. But she didn’t just teach us about history. While being the best teacher I’ve ever had, she made sure to check up with each student to make sure they were doing okay. She genuinely cares about each student as more than just a student. As a person. During my junior year, I lost my grandma and watched my sister in massive pain as she endured a major surgery, and saw my biological mother for the first time in years. All of those events took a toll on me, but Mrs.Sturdivant supported me all the way through, making sure I was doing okay. She always gave me the time I needed, regardless of how busy she was. She always made sure I knew I was cared for, and that she would always be there rooting me on. She has made me realize that I am capable of big things and that I have the responsibility as a young woman to show other young women what they are capable of and offer the same support she offered me. Mrs.Sturdivant has changed my life, and there are so sufficient words to perfectly capture everything she has done for me.

Mae Cramer

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