Student Nomination Story

Ms. Zumkley has been such an inspiration to Mikey from the moment school starts until she walks him to the school bus. Whenever Mikey has an episode (ADD/ADHD) she will talk to him, aside and talk to him or find something to calm him down. She takes care of situations in-house. Very rarely Mikey will have to be sent to the office for any of his episodes. She understands ADD/ADHD because she too has a child that has it. Even though she has a cloud, it still has a silver lining. ADD/ADHD may be one of many worst situations that anyone, even Ms. Zumkley, she still finds a way to have some positive aspects. Everyday Mikey would come home excited for the day that he had in class, telling me what he learned. He has never shown this type of behavior before and I'm grateful for Ms. Zumkley on helping and teaching Mikey as well as his whole class.

Christian Michael Canales

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