Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Bush has impacted my life because she is always there when I need her most, she always has my back, she drops everything for me and others if we need something. She takes time away from her own family to go out and do stuff with us and help us with homework. When we had Christmas Break this past year, she took a me and some of my friends to a Globetrotters game, during her break, her time away from us took us to go do something fun with friends! When one of my friends never had a birthday party, she took me and three of my other friends, and we went out to dinner and went shopping. She will facetime me to check in, she will sit on the phone with me and help me with homework, and she will carve time to stay with me before and after school to help with anything and everything. She is truly amazing! I am graduating this year and she always says how much she will miss her school kids, and that she will cry so much at our graduation, I said,"Mrs. Bush we are going to be the ones crying because you have impacted and made such a difference on our lives that we will be the ones crying!" She is my "school mom" and she is a person that will always be close to my heart, and she will never be forgotten! :)

Cassi Cudahy

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