Student Nomination Story

To Whom It My Concern: Have you ever had a teacher that you will always remember? I sure do. I will never forget my teacher. Even though I have different teachers, my favorite is Mrs. Waltner! My name is Adrian I am writing to you so I can nominate a teacher. The teacher’s name is Angela Waltner. Here are some of the reasons she is the best. She lets us listen to music while we work. She understands how to help students learn. She is considerate and while she makes us work hard, she makes it easy for us to understand. She is an excellent teacher to have, she is the best teacher I could have. Even though she gives up her lunch to help students if the help is needed. These are just some of the reasons that she is a fantastic teacher. I know there are some other teacher out there that might do similar things but my teacher is one a kind. Sincerely, Adrian Pino

Adrian Pino Cruz

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