Student Nomination Story

My English Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Angela Brown, is one of those teachers you would hear before you saw her. She is as loud as she is big in personality. When I first met Mrs. Brown, I was feeling a little paranoid/scared! She always was on me about completing my classwork and homework. The constant reminder of doing my best would keep me up until 10:00 P.M. She has helped me to grow as a person. She always included life lessons in her instructions. For example, while we were reading the Diary of Anne Frank, Mrs. Brown told us to be aware of our surroundings. One of the characters was wearing a fur coat in July. We discussed why this was odd and what it could mean to us in our lives. This was a safety concern because weapons and theft can be concealed in a coat. She supports my academic growth by tutoring me in the mornings before school, after school, and on some Saturdays. I’m allowed to call her if I don’t understand something when I get home. Lastly, she allows me to re-do any failed assignments. I now understand that she truly wants me as well as all her students to become successful. She is my true academic cheerleader. Mrs. Brown inspires me to explore new interests and dreams. She always tells us that education is the way out of any bad situation. She tells us we can be anything we want to be. The best part of it all is she tells us that we can always change to do something else or more. I’m not locked in on doing one thing. In addition, she tells us we don’t have to know what we want to do right away. She encourages us, her students, to explore and try new adventures. She is the inspiration behind my personal interest and dreams.

Miguel Solis

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