Student Nomination Story

My name is Emily Lohr and I am a 7th-grade student at Liberty Middle School in Morganton, NC. I enjoy my school and all of my teachers, but one teacher stands out in particular, Ms. Barnsback. She is extremely sweet and an outstanding reading teacher. Having her as a teacher improved my vocabulary. She has a positive attitude and keeps me interested and makes everything we do fun. The directions for one of the projects she assigned was to try something new that we were interested in but had not yet explored. I had seen a poster for aerial skills and had always wanted to try it, but my mom was afraid I would get hurt, but she was willing to let me have some lessons because it was for a school project. I remember my first class, I couldn’t believe how much fun I had! I had three to four classes every week, and I looked forward to every single one. I enjoyed having something physical after being in school all day, and I was starting to lose weight and I could feel muscles I never knew I had. A few months later, in June, I competed in “Art for A Purpose,” a competition to promote awareness for child abuse – and I won First Place! It was the first time I had ever won anything so I was very proud of myself. I realized that I absolutely love being on stage and performing. A few weeks ago, I performed outdoors at the Morganton Festival, this time I was blindfold for my entire routine and even though it was a windy day, my performance was great. I couldn’t believe how good I did and I still can hardly believe that I’m an aerialist and I get to be on stage. I am looking forward to so many more performances! This is all because of Ms. Barnsback’s support and the project she assigned. Ms. Barnsback continues to encourage and support me; she has seen my performances and says that I amaze her and I make performing look so easy. She told me that she wants to see ALL of my performances and that she is very proud of me. She makes me feel special. Because of Ms. Barnsback, I discovered a talent that I never knew I had. Thank you, Ms. Barnsback! I hope that you give serious consideration to awarding Ms. Barnsback “Teacher of the Year.”

Emily Lohr

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