Student Nomination Story

I would like to nominate Angela Allen because she is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. She is always fun and outgoing and always making things fun. She is very good at making people smile and laugh. If someone is having a bad day she will always make it better. If someone gets in trouble frequently she always offers them second chances. I wish all teachers were as nice as her. The things she does are amazing and very nice, such as the cougar closet. The cougar closet is a place that has gently used and new clothing for free. You can walk in and find some clothes you like and have them for free. She uses a lot of her own time into this. Especially her own money, she will put money into this. If Mrs. Allen would win she would use the money towards the cougar closet and use it for her classroom. Thanks for being such a fantastic teacher and making everyone smile!

Maxwell Middlebrook

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