Student Nomination Story

Time is the most valuable resource. Giving up time to help others is like throwing money in a well. Very few people are willing to give up their time for others, and the ones who do, rarely receive anything in return. Mr. Stilp is willing to give up his time to help the Arrowhead Esports team and I believe that he deserves more than a simple thank you. Esports is a relatively new concept few schools understand. Many people will never see video games as a real sport but to gamers it is. We find the same enjoyment out of video games that people find out of physical sports and we love competing. I joined esports last year because I had friends and was hoping to find more people with the same interests. Not only did I find new friends that made my junior and senior year my best high school years, but I found a passion I hadn’t had before. After hearing that our esports coach was leaving Arrowhead, I was worried other students may not be able to find the passion I did. I was confident that no other teacher would be willing to take on the responsibilities of running a club full of gamers. Walking in for the first esports practice last year I was shocked to see Mr. Stilp. Mr. Stilp, who was just hired as a Family and Consumer Education teacher, decided to give up a portion of his free time to help our team out. After having Mr. Stilp as my Food and Nutrition teacher, I knew the magnitude of effort he put into making his classes fun and educational. Mr. Stilp did not need more commitments, and yet, he was here. Mr. Stilp learned very quickly that the games we play are nothing like the ones he enjoys. It was as if he signed up to coach kick ball but when it showed up the students were playing baseball. Mr. Stilp had never got into the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre. MOBA games can be hard to understand, but instead of quitting, he was patient enough to take on the responsibilities. A saw his patience tested in Food and Nutrition and in esports, but I have not yet seen it falter. The virtue is rare, but it is one that we all appreciate. I walked into esports just this Wednesday and saw Mr.Stilp getting work done on a computer. We had a double header of games that day and ended up staying at school from 2:30 to 6:00. Instead of getting irritated that our games were taking so long, he waited patiently for us to finish. I told him to have a great day as we left and he smiled back returning the gesture. I hope that Mr. Stilp gets a wish for all of the time that he has put in the well.

Coleman R Tjugum

I entered in guidance counselor's office deciding upon a class that wouldn’t bore me to death. I also wanted the class to be and be entertaining. I have not taken a food class before, so I decided to take that in place of woods. I arrived at Mr. Stilp’s Food and Nutrition class at Arrowhead High School first semester of senior year. The way Mr. Stilp protrudes as my favorite teacher isn’t his teaching but how he dealt with my class. I have ADHD, being in a class where I needed to do planning made me feel like I was in a nonstop tornado of tasks. He helped me to remain focused in class and become organized. He provided me a stress ball to help me remain focused. A teacher has not done this for me before in my four years of high school. He cared about me and wished for me to excel. He taught me to clean dishes and do laundry. He walked into my kitchen, demonstrating how to wash dishes the right way so that they are clean the first time. He demonstrated washing dishes and doing laundry so I could learn to be independent. This affected me in a mountain of ways; I felt a teacher was teaching me to enhance myself. He did not want to throw busy work at me. Mr. Stilp helped me grow as a student and a person in the one-semester he educated me. He showed me how to be a strong soldier in the toughest battles. He would tell me “how you react to a situation determines the outcome.” He demonstrated how to be patient with how he dealt with me every class. He was understanding and was fair, knowing how to deal with every student. Mr. Stilp is a passionate teacher that cares. He would often invent individual activities for me; depending on how advanced or behind I was. He respects me with his patience and I respect him because of his integrity. I can talk to him about anything and not fear what he would say because I know he is being honest. Mr. Stilp showed teachers can be both fun and great mentors. He took selfies with our class and humored our corny jokes. He also led me to productivity while still making it entertaining. Mr. Stilp is a great role model for being a compassionate leader. Thank you, Mr. Stilp. You helped me to understand the meaning of a compassionate leader. You got me through the tornado I never thought I could get out of. You taught me to be independent, honesty, patient, and kind. You showed us that great leaders are fun.

John Elvers

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