Student Nomination Story

This teacher has changed my perception of teaching in lots of ways. He is very personal with his students and he likes to talk about things such as video games, politics, and current events. He has no problems letting us talk at our tables about random topics because he enjoys interacting with students. When it comes to teaching his class, AP human geography isn't what most people consider a fun class. So, the fact that many students found his lectures interesting, clearly shows something great about his teaching skills. Never before have I interacted in the lesson as much as I did during his. All opinions are always welcome and he actively encourages it.

Devin Dugas

Mr. Stewart is an amazing teacher. If you have an issue that is affecting your school performance, all you have to do is send him a quick email and he'll try his best to help fix or manage your problem. For example, my computer was acting funny and wouldn't allow me to turn in my assignments, so he let me turn in my work late without taking off points. All in all, Mr. Stewart is all anyone could ask for in a teacher.

Makiah Alexander

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