Student Nomination Story

Mr. Poppelreiter (Mr. Pop) is a one of a kind teacher. His projects and teaching form allows fun into the classroom. He has helped me and most of his students in his class dive deep into our future and think behind the now. He told us his story of how he just found a pamphlet to find a college for his degree. With the turn of technology he devotes time and effort into find kids their future college as well as browsing their horizon for other options. I believe he cares for our students like he would his own kin. I have fortune to have Mr. Pop in 4 classes throughout my high school years. He is always in a upbeat mood and is willing to dive into even the most outrageous ideas in the pursuit of creativity. Mr.Poppelreiter on many occasions has worked with other shop teachers to find future jobs and careers for students. He helped me narrow down my future options with college, football and even helps me think through problems and dilemmas I have on a daily basis. Mr.Poppelreiter also helps orchestrate our yearly ‘cookout’ where we set down the books for a day and cook up some food on a massive grill past kids have built. Mr.Poppelreiter really makes the day to day run smooth and with his musical expertise and his dad like humor everyone always leaves his class with a smile on their faces.

Mason Copeland

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