Student Nomination Story

Before getting to Ms. Ayala my son had went to 2 different schools in the district within 1 year. You see my son has ADHD and even though those places tried to help him they didn’t have the proper support or staff he needed. Saigling was actually our last hope. I just knew it would be more of the same types of calls all day or asking when I intended to start him on medication. To my surprise Ms. Ayala requested neither of those things. She simply asked , “How can I help.” No one had ever presented me with such a question and I was taken back by her genuine nature. In her class my son has learned so much! Not only is he able to focus on his academics she makes sure to teach him ways he can learn to control his ADHD related behaviors (impulsivity and hyperactivity). She’s given me my life and my son back. That is a debt I could never repay to her or Saigling. But I do feel like this would be a great start. We love you Ms. Ayala!!!

Zaedyn Williams

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