Student Nomination Story

I am nominating my son's two teachers that he has this year for 3rd grade. He had Ms. Wasserman & Mrs. Menkes for 1st grade and he had a great year. When I found out they were teaching 3rd grade I knew I wanted him to be back in their class because I know in their class he is learning more then just what is expected. I call them the Dream Team because they are just that. They set and exceed all goals for stellar student achievement. They work closely collaborating to establish trust with the their students which broadens the impact for each child. Both women demonstrate effective leadership in and out of the classroom. They show relentless efforts in building open relationships with parents and encourage parental participation throughout the school year. My son looks forward to school every day and it's because of this dynamic duo. They are nurturing and have excellent Human Touch and by that I mean for them it's not just work, work and more work. They care about the well being of every student and being an ICT class they make it look easy. They work extremely hard ensuring that all the kids feel equal and are learning together as a group. They challenge each student and really get the kids to shine !! These two women deserve to be recognized because they are impactful and unforgettable, teachers YOU will never forget!

Nathan Chase

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