Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Petty has been the biggest blessing of a teacher for my autistic/adhd son. He struggled in a different school before we moved. With countless teachers struggling with him, his behaviors, and misunderstandings. Many teachers calling him out of school because they did not understand how to handle him. Then came Mrs. Petty into our lives like a shining becon of hope. She would call me whenever she felt the need to inform me of my sons diffiuclties. But above all she teaches him with every fiber of her being. She shows him kindness, compassion, and patience. She is firm with him, but allows him to go through his struggles while teaching him whats acceptable and whats not. She will tell him we will work through this together, but we will not give up. She will not send him home just because he is having a rough day. Cole went from nothing but frustration and struggles. To a young boy with detirmination and willingness. He has improved in every possible way in his academics, emotions, skills, and thoughts. I would never have imagined a teacher so good at what she does, and so willing to help students become the best that they can be. She is a blessing in our everyday lives and have changed our lives for the better forever. If I had any way to repay Mrs. Petty for her amazing skills, and what she does I would do it ten fold. Thank you you Mrs. Petty for being the best teacher I've ever had the pleasure of knowing!

Cole Randall

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