Student Nomination Story

Going through school is different for everybody, however the teachers at my school seem to really care about the students, but Mrs.Kepple in particular seems to care a little more than the rest. I could never quite put my finger on it. She makes us laugh with jokes tailored to the class or the person. I look forward to her class every other day and I can honestly say in four years of having her as my teacher I have not only learned a lot, but I have grown under her teaching. She is a kind forgiving woman who has helped me out on more than one occasion. Whether it be late assignments or helping me with a test. She is an overall great person. I remember one time my freshman year in Physical Science I was really struggling on a test and instead of cutting me short when class ended. She came over to my desk and started helping me through it by reminding me about key details without just giving me the answers. Overall Mrs.Kepple is a 10/10 teacher and anyone would be lucky to have her for a teacher. I guess I just got lucky.

Logan Cox

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