Student Nomination Story

Hi my name is Kole Peters and I am nominating Mrs. Green for a teacher award. To start, I wouldn’t even refer to her as just a teacher; but a hero, role model, and someone I aspire to be like one day. Mrs. Green came from a low income city in which she taught at for many years. She was the cheer coach, PTA leader, and 12th grade English teacher. Mrs. Green was always the first person to arrive and the last to leave. She volunteered and lead fundraisers and school events such as prom and graduation simply because she just loves making others happy. She got a job opportunity in Lubbock, Texas at Lubbock Cooper High School. For the first time ever I witnessed a teacher being more enthusiastic than me on the first day of class. She constantly brings the people around her up and always spreads positive energy. Mrs. Green caress about each student individually and if she notices that someone isn’t having a good day she immediately checks on them and will not settle until she knows they are okay. I have really bad anxiety and panic attacks and that is when I realized that Mrs. Green is more of a hero than a teacher. She talked me through it and reassured me that everything eased going to be okay and made me feel as if I was loved and safe. I can honestly say I have never witnessed anyone with a heart as good as Mrs. Green and that’s why I believe she deserves a teacher her award!

Thomas Peters

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