Student Nomination Story

Freshman year is when I met her. I was the most shy girl and would barely say hi to anyone. When I first went to a Young Life event I met her and she smiled and started talking to me with so much enthusiasm. It made me feel special to know that someone wasn’t afraid to talk to me and get to know me. It wasn’t until last summer that I really got close with her. Through all the Young Life events and going to talks weekly, I built a bond with her that was solidified this summer. We were at camp when I saw her walking and said, “Hey Amy, did you wanna talk?” I’m not sure why I wanted to talk about my struggles, but of course she was willing to talk with me. “Of course, I was gonna check on you! What’s up?” she said. I wasn’t sure where to start and had my mind full, so I started bawling. She didn’t question why, she just comforted me. She didn’t talk, she just hugged me and let me vent to her. I didn’t realize how much I needed to talk to someone, until she was there and was willing to talk to me. My voice shook because I was so scared to tell someone about my family problems. She was the first one I ever told and I am glad she was because she took it well and supported me. She related to me, and made sure that I was doing okay the rest of camp and beyond. I’ve learned that she is someone I can trust. Not only was she there for me at camp, but she was there after too. She would be texting me to see how I am doing and responding immediately if I wanted to go talk somewhere with her. She knew how much I needed her and never failed to be there for me. Amy you are the most caring person that will never fail to lighten up my day. Thank you for being there for me when no one else was and when I felt like I was alone in my struggles. Thank you for making me realize that you will be someone I can talk to and depend on to open up about my life. For never judging me and never running from me. Amy, you changed my life and I could never thank you enough for it. Thank you for being the best Christian role model there is, and making me a better Christian too. To be able to open up to someone, was something I was never able to do until I talked with you.

Taylor Dahl

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