Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Pugsley is an amazing teacher. She brings all of her effort to teaching and caring for her kids. She is interactive with her lessons, and explains with clarity. Some of the kids at my school are apathetic at best, but regardless of how they treat her, or if they do their work, she always cares for them. Mrs. Pugsley is also an amazing friend, in the mornings she's so easy to just go and talk to, and she listens intently and tries her best to help. She also is constantly concerned for her students well-being and making sure that they have someone to talk to when they are faced with challenges. Truthfully, anyone who is lucky enough to be taught by her and comes to know her, knows that she spends every waking moment thinking of have to make school better for them, as well as their futures brighter.

Audrey McMullin

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