Student Nomination Story

There is a lot of things....amazing... great things to say about this teacher. I had her for 3 years and she's seen me at my lowest points; me feeling that way in my life, she helped me through it and pushed me forward to do better. I walk in every single day wanting to be here or not and she brings her passionate self to her job everyday. Darragh makes me laugh and it helps me through the rough times. If it wasn't for this teacher and her willing to help her students, i wouldn't be where I am today. Even though I want to quit and just leave, she keeps me engaged into what she talks about. She tells me I have potential and I have great things in store, I just need to apply myself. I hope this nomination goes a long way because I want her to win and make her month likes she makes mine everyday. This has been a great three years and I don't know who to thank but Amanda Darragh. She is no doubt the best teacher a low motivated kid like myself needs. They need something to look to every morning with a smile or laugh and she helps all that. If it wasn't for her i would've dropped out already. Thank you for everything you have done but she deserves every nomination she gets. Please let me see my teacher win!!!!

Alex Kesen

In every way, she's inspiring.

Yerolyn Rodríguez

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