Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Darragh is a very realistic teacher, she says it how it is and tries to treat us like young adults. She comes down to our labs to see how out work is coming so she can under stand what we do and how we work. She keeps the class fun and does not drown us in homework but gives us enough to stay on track with the lesson. She told us about the hard times she had to go through during her life. She did not tell us this for pity but she wanted us to know that she understands how hard life can be some times. Mrs. Darragh wanted us to know that if we were going through hard times that we could come to her and talk with here about what we were going through.

Jacob Ziegenfuss

My teacher is one of the best besides the pop quizzes. she always makes the class fun and always telling good stories and i think she deserves this because teaching can be stressful and hard but she dose her best with what she has.

Tucker Seyfried

She has been the most chill and tolerant teacher. Unlike other teachers, we are comfortable to call her our friend. She is really helpful and funny. Because of this I've been able to bring my grades up when I need it.

Chris Ramchandren

She always pushed me to try my best and she did this because she saw my potential. If it wasn’t for a teacher like her, I would never have become an honor roll student. I have been one ever since I met her.

Zane Tyler

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