Student Nomination Story

My name is Aiden Vargo I am in many classes, but Mrs. Compton's class sticks out from them all. Before being put in her class I hated school and I felt like my teachers didn't like me. I felt like I was just a student to them, but Mrs. Compton made me feel much more than that. She is always super sweet. When I went through a bad time in my life, she stuck with me and helped me. She was always so caring and kind. She communicated well with my mom and me. Most of my other teachers just assigned so much work and didn't help with it, but Mrs. Compton assigned a reasonable amount of work and helped me and my fellow classmates with it. While other teachers may be preoccupied with other tasks, Mrs. Compton always made it her mission to help us whenever we needed it during class time. She would come help us or she would join a google meet after school and take time out of her day and help me and other students get through our work. Also, before Mrs. Compton's class, I hated math and thought I would never be good at it. However, she changed my perspective on math and I like it so much more now and I don't hate school as much as I did before having her. My grades in math have gone up due to her help. She constantly goes above and beyond to make her students feel like their teachers actually care about them and want them to succeed.

Aiden Vargo

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