Student Nomination Story

I would always hang out in the band room during 9th grade, but then I joined marching band in the summer and the band room had a completely different meaning. It became like a second home as I would be spending most of my time there until graduation. And so my teacher made it comfortable for everyone. She always has the door open so that anyone may walk in if they need help with an instrument, or even if they want an English paper looked at before they turn it in, or if they need help with submitting college applications. When I joined band, I was really shy and I would hardly talk to anyone. But after a year, I was able to talk a bit more but I was still unsure of myself. And by the third year, I had just grown so much and I liked talking more. Ms. Chavez helped me grow as a person and a musician and as an artist. She would always tell me to "not doubt myself" and that the "only thing holding you back is yourself." When learning music, she would say "it's just ink on a paper, don't let it hold you back. There's nothing to be scared of." Even out of the classroom and school, she's a great friend who is willing to give life advice and help. I could have never asked for a better teacher and friend than Amanda Chavez.

Brianna Carranza

She helped me become a better person. She helps me when I need help and just like the class the band room is where you can be you. I join band this year and saw the band room last year in 11th grade. It is a place where you can really express yourself. She help me get over some of my problems I had like talking to people and is helping me get over my nervousness in front of people. She always is there and is a good person that actually impacted my life in a way I saw it before. I use to be closed off from the world and different but now I feel connected because of her. Also because of her I made many friends. She is just over all inspirational. Ms. Chavez isn't just a teacher but a friend.

Omar Robledo

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