Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Yacoub always makes sure we are all okay. Today she gave us a life pep talk about how we make the meaning of life worth it. She allows us to bring our own teas for the cold season. Not only does she teach us about France and the world there, she helps us understand our world today. She is the reason I decided to be a teacher. I want to help people like she does. Help students who don’t have the best life. Have a feeling of having someone who genuinely cares and loves us. She’s made a family in this class. And it’s absolutely amazing how she always helps us even when she isn’t doing the best herself.

Alana Watts

Mrs. Yacoub is more than just a teacher. Yes she’s wonderful at teaching French and helping us to understand, however she also helps us with life lessons. She sits down some days at any moment of class and gives us talks about why we should not take life for granted or anything related. If I was ever having a tough time I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Mrs. Yacoub for help, or just to talk one on one. Mrs. Yacoub has such a big heart and she isn’t teaching for the paycheck, she teaches to impact all of us as students. Mrs. Yacoub even lets us bring tea or coffee to make during the cold weather! Mrs. Yacoub is just an amazing teacher and person that I’m proud to know, and we as a class all love her.

Raven St. John

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