Student Nomination Story

Ms. Cerge is a 10th grade high school guidance counselor and after having two kids in the public school system, I must say that she is a diamond in the rough; one of a kind who goes to bat for her students. Our first experience was when my son got into a biking accident and had a traumatic head injury and major surgery on his shoulder. While several teachers refused to accept late work, despite Noah having a 504 plan (believe that's the name) Ms. Cerge consistently went to bat for him as he fought to regain full mental cognition. It might not sound like a lot but for Noah and us, his parents, she was a lifeline in a sea of impatient teachers who failed to understand that just because Noah looked healthy, he wasn't. We recently had another experience that was transforming. My son is a nationally ranked Onewheel pro who has a very demanding travel and training schedule. He missed the first full week of the 2022 school year and due to being in Cambridge/ AICE /Honors classes fell way behind. In fact he was so discouraged he failed to submit the work missed because keeping up with regular work upon return, not to mention missed work was overwhelming. Several teachers refused to give him the missed papers to complete upon returning leading to a series of immediate F grades. I wrote Ms. Cerge to tell her I was going to pull Noah out of professional racing as the impact was too severe on his grades of missing class. Again, she went to bat. Calling us into her office she strategized with us, helped us literally find a way to keep racing in Noah's life while taking a bit of pressure off his plate. She moved his pre calc honors class online, discussed the benefits of after school tutoring (which worked) and said she would work with us to make sure the teachers gave Noah the work before he left for competitions so he could complete and turn it in before leaving. Again, sounds small but her efforts to fight for my son and his passion of racing while want to do well in school demonstrated to him that there are teachers who really care, who will go the extra mile and fight for you. He felt empowered and as if he had an advocate who would help him stand up to the teachers who were not supportive. While that's sad to say we all know they are in every school. Noah attended an AICE physics tutoring session yesterday and had a breakthrough, packed his bags for our race next week, and is awaiting assignments from his teachers so he can go with confidence rather than dread. Counselors are so important to these kids and without Ms. Cerge we would have been lost. The kids at school love her because they know she has their back and I just wanted the world to know and to honor this amazing lady!

Noah Bild

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