Student Nomination Story

Mr. Last was my fourth grade teacher at Cushing Elementary School. He was an all around, upbeat guy and liked what he did. The first day of fourth grade I was happy that I got into a class with my friend. He would teach all the main classes (English, Math, etc.) for us in fourth grade. Later on in the year he started getting comfortable and started making jokes and give some nicknames (mine was Fish because my last name is Frisch). The nicknames he gave made me and others more comfortable. In his room, I distinctly remember the singing fish that he had on his desk and it was one of the things students brought to him over the years. I liked how he had it because it showed that a lot of students liked him so they would bring him these singing fish. Mr. Last would always be laid back and allowed the class to do whatever we wanted to do, for the last few minutes of the day. He talked about himself and let us get to know him as he got to know us. One time when we went to Camp Mackenzie, I could just tell that he liked it there. When we built teepees he helped out some of us. When we were taking pictures and geocaching he would help. When we went on a “midnight” hike he makes it interesting by scaring other classmates and just making it more enjoyable, and that he was playful and not always strict. You could tell that he liked what he was teaching (he had to teach everything). He had a tone of voice when he was talking that I just knew that he liked it. We had to do research about someone and when we presented it we had to dress up as them (which I hated). He would always try and keep everyone engaged and help people when they needed it. He even had to deal with me and my friend talking constantly. Mr. Last was a great man and an even better teacher. He gave me my nickname that stuck with me for a year, and help me learn different subjects. It would be cool to do some of the things that I got to do in fourth grade again.

Carter Frisch

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