Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Cook along with several others has supported my son's growth as a whole person this year. We are still in the process of working with Michael to find what works best for him as he has frequent violent outburst/meltdowns in and out of school. He has completed counseling, been to several specialists and are now working toward medicine to help him but, throughout this entire process Mrs. Cook has been there in every way possible. From day one she has seen my child as a tiny person who needs help figuring out what will work best for him. She communicates with me daily on his progress, his behavior, possible triggers, takes any crazy idea I may have to try to help, always keeps her calm and shows him nothing but love and respect, not only for him but his entire class. She's teaching all of the students she has that just because someone is different and has different needs does not make them bad or something that has to be feared. She shows her students what love and compassion look like every single day. She shows them how to be better people. She shows them how to do this by her actions and how she treats not only the best but the hardest to reach students that they are worth love and patients. She is truly not only an amazing teacher but an amazing person! She is showing our children how to make the world a better place by being the change needed.

Michael Peevy

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