Student Nomination Story

Ms. Kelley is both my English teacher and my advisor, so she has really helped me succeed in the absolute best I can through a very questionable year. She has helped me stay on top of my grades while also keeping making sure that my personal life and mental health are ok. She also had to deal with the whole issue of STAAR testing. Despite having two children, she still finds time to help each and every one of her students. She is pretty much being a mama bear to us all. She enjoys helping us and because of her goals, I look up to her quite a bit. She helped me when I started realizing how much different this year was going to be and did all she could to let me know that the teachers were here to help us all.

Randy Ramos

Before this year, I was never able to say that someone has impacted my life in a big way or not, but after meeting Mrs. Dupre, I can whole heartedly say I have! She has been so patient, kid, and is always thinking about us (even in her most stressed and dark moments.) I was a new student this year, so I couldn't meet new people because of my anxiety. However, Mrs. Dupre was the one that helped me remove those barriers. I am forever grateful and in debt to her. It hasn't been just me though, she has helped a lot of people get out in life and now thanks to her, a lot of my peers are really happy, as well! We all enjoy her class the most! I feel like she deserves this award because this year was super hard for her. She lost a good bit of people, but she still seemed so happy. I could tell that she was really sad though, that's never easy. Anyways, that is my nomination.

Dawson Carouthers

I've submitted one of these responses before for the same teacher and I don't even know if it'll count but I feel like Mrs. Dupre deserves this honor for many reasons. She has done so much throughout this year to help me, my friends and even other teachers. She isn't, what I call, a fake teacher that is not real in their own classroom. She has opened us up to many different viewpoints about the real world and has given us advice on how to deal many different scenarios. I learned a lot from her this year purely because she had related everything to the common world and used it to help us better remember stuff with meaning other than just words. I lost my house with my mom this year and ended up having to live with my dad, who I don't admire, and was, I even still am, struggling with finding reason in anything. Mrs. Dupre was always the first and only one to make sure I was okay. She has a sense of care that I have not seen in other teachers. While I have suffered, she has also suffered. Lots of bad things have happened to her this past month or so- yet she has remained the same as always; kind, motherly and caring. I really admire her strength and she is one of the only reasons I did not give up. I feel like a lot of people should aspire to be like her and that's what I aim to do. To help others, to care unconditionally about others, to be strong. Even if she doesn't get this award, my opinion will not change and I'll even make her something because I feel like she can't see just how big she has impacted others and my life. Nonetheless, that's why I feel she deserves this reward. (I realized on my other submission that I filled something out wrong and ended up putting "Strongly Disagree/Disagree" on all of the options... Uh, that's not what I meant lol-)

Dawson Carouthers

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