Student Nomination Story

Mr. Neff is a great teacher who wants to have fun with his students as much as teach and guide them. He has the ability to be firm but at the same time soft. If you do act up in his class then he will quickly shut you down. But with his attitude of kindness, he will quickly forgive you and go back to teaching. If students are in a fight he is always one of the first on the scene because of his will and drive to keep the students content. When we are about to take a test or do a project he will always tell a joke from his joke book. We all laugh and once we have all calmed down he can regain control and start the test or project. He will even go out of his way just to tell a student about something they have a question about. His unique ability to be able to read the room allows him to be able to distinguish the people who need help from those who are already onto the next topic. He can also find a way to make any topic interesting. For instance, we are learning about ancient Greece and he was not afraid to show us a clip of the movie 300 just so that we understood the lesson. He has also been able to adjust well with Covid-19. When it comes to technology, Mr. Neff is the guy to go to. If any student needs help with anything tech related he can seamlessly teach them how to use it nearly every time. My classmates and I have been taught by him for three years in a row now, and he is the greatest teacher I have ever seen. To me a teacher who is neither strict nor overly kiddy is extremely important. His prior teaching experience probably has something to do with that. I don't know a single person in my grade who doesn't like Mr. Neff. In my opinion a teacher with all of these traits is the best and should be acknowledged(even if its just for a year.) Thank you for taking the time to read my nomination.

Roman Nugent

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