Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Johnson has been instrumental in helping my daughter foster a love of learning. My daughter, Estella, was in first grade when Mrs. Johnson was her teacher. She is now starting 5th grade. My daughter started 1st grade shy and uncertain. Mrs. Johnson was always bright and cheery, allowing Estella to hold her hand while walking in line to class. She was always so easy to approach. Estella often came home talking about rules she was learning for reading. I learned more about the English language from what Mrs. Johnson taught my daughter! Mrs. Johnson applied to have the class granted a curriculum to raise tadpoles. They were like a class pet! The kids would take measurements of the water levels, the size of the tadpoles, etc. Mrs. Johnson even wove a marine theme into the curriculum, with a field trip to a local marine preserve and the kids made class t-shirts with fish on them! I truly believe that my daughter gained so much independence, courage and curiosity for learning thanks to Mrs. Johnson. At the end of the year, my daughter and her very shy friend were awarded a day with their teachers; they went to their teachers houses, baked cookies, made art projects, and were honored by their teachers! It was an unforgettable experience, and I will never forget the role that Mrs. Johnson has played in my daughter’s upbringing. Throughout the years, Estella loves to visit Mrs. Johnson’s classroom.

Estella Zappacosta

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