Student Nomination Story

Mr. Adam Denevic does not just teach students, he teaches future citizens. Everyday that we walked into his classroom he made it very evident that our future actions would impact our world around us indefinitely. As we moved closer to the end of our senior year of high school in 2017, each day he made it clearer that as soon as we were handed those diplomas and we moved those tassels that it was up to us to utilize all the tools he had given us. The material we learned from the textbook was important but nowhere near as important as the pure, raw information, insight, conversation, and advice we gained from him each class. He made sure that every student understood they played a part in the bigger picture of things, things outside of our high school lives. Mr. Denevic deserves this "pat on the back" more than anyone I know and I hope that someday I can be half the teacher or mentor he is. There aren't many teachers that make an impact so deep and rooted that it continues to drive their students actions years after graduating, but Mr. Denevic did make that kind of impact on me along with countless other students.

Michelle Michali

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