Student Nomination Story

Moehlis has changed my view in the world and education. He teaches history. In a nutshell, he is a hilarious story teller, he takes his experience and puts it into historical events. When you have a hard time with work he will help you. He is a fair and kind teacher. His Step Dad just died and he’s been very sad and we wanna cheer him up. We know him as the optimistic, outgoing, funny, fair, and smart teacher. He may be bald but he admires his head even without hair. He is a loving husband with 3 kids and one more coming soon. He makes all of us laugh so we don’t want this opportunity to go to waste!

Amalie Martinez

I'm 13, I'm in the 8th grade and I'm not exactly the type of student who tends to focus entirely on my work. I enjoy school and most of the things about it, but I've never really had a specific teacher that has made me look forward to coming to school like I do now. I have Mr. Moehlis as a teacher early in the day, and it's a good way to start off a good day. I've got some different issues going on in my life and in my head that typically make me focus a little bit less, but I always managed to pay attention in his class. Mr. Moehlis doesn't sugar coat anything, he tells us things straight to our face but still cares for all of us. He makes time out of his day for us and he's like a happy virus. It's impossible to be sad or upset around him. He's that type of person. He teaches in a more laid-back way, but he still manages to teach well and we all can get what we need to get done, with jokes and everything in there. But it's an abnormal amount of jokes- everyone enjoys it though. Many things about him really, really inspire me. He tries his best to keep a good attitude and remain happy-go-lucky even when horrible things might've happened. I want to be like that, I want to be able to keep a smile and be happy like that when I'm going through things. He's got a strong will, and would never, ever back down if there was something he believes in. That's extremely admirable. He hasn't just helped me, he's helped all of his students in ways that you might not think. He's supportive of our goals and our dreams, and helps all of his students get to where they want to be. He takes time out of his day for us to come in and work or just hang out with him and have a nice time. I'm generally grateful to Mr. Moehlis because of how he makes school feel like less of a prison and more of a place where we can make friends and have a good time. I wasn't so sure of my dreams before, but I really, really want to go into music now. He supports me in that, he tells us we can do well. I just want this to be a way I can thank him for what he's done for me and so many other students at our school.

Sydney Urbina

Mr. Moehlis Is the best teacher I've had in all my life. I used to always switch from school to school and not a single other teacher I've had could in no way best Moehlis. I never felt like I had any connections with the teachers. But when Moehlis lectures us he sparks an interest in anything he says to us. He makes learning both interesting and fun. And he gets very in- depth with all of his lectures and every day I come out of his class I feel enlightened. He is the teacher everyone turns to when they are having any issue at all, with school or personal life and he can make anyone at all happy. He is also so fair to everyone and cares about us. I think that if anyone should get Teacher of the Year it should be him every year.

Gibran Martinez

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