Student Nomination Story

Mr. Linse By: Olivia Schmidt Age:17 I remember in 5th grade, we became more into reading novels and joining book clubs. I was not really good at reading when I was 11 and Mr. Linse had no idea. I was struggling with it so much that I didn’t really know what to do, I was only 11. I thought that everyone was struggling to read bigger novels. We were reading in class for a couple of days now. I never really picked up the chapter last time I read. I noticed that I was falling behind on my reading assignments and the new chapters we were reading in class. I didn't know what to do. I felt confused all the time and I didn’t really pick up the things that were read in the book. How was I supposed to catch up on time? Mr. Linse was a cool teacher. He was always super funny and always made the class laugh. He always enjoyed laughter. He always made his class super fun with all the activities that we did in class. He made sure that everyone was having a good time while doing the lessons. We all considered him more than a teacher, we considered him as a friend too. Besides being a teacher, he was also a coach for the Mukwonago High School. He actually coached my brother when I was in 8th grade. Mr. Linse asked me if I was doing okay with the reading and all I said was, “I’m doing okay.” I didn’t know what to say, I was scared of admitting that I was not okay and that I was struggling. He said, “okay… talk to me if you ever need help,” and moved on with the lesson. The next day I came to school and we started our morning reading. He had called on me to read the next line. I didn’t know the spot we were in or supposed to begin today. I told him that I was lost and he didn’t yell at me. He looked down at me and said “that’s ok” and picked someone else. We were done reading as a class and got time to read individually. I was reading the book when Mr. Linse came over. He said he had to talk to me. We walked out of the classroom and sat down around the table. “I noticed you have been struggling with the reading,” Mr. Linse said to me with a concerned look on his face as he saw me starting to cry. “It’s okay, I can help you. We can get through together.” He said, trying to calm me down. He let me stay out there for awhile so I can calm down and wipe my tears away. Mr. Linse would always be there for his students and never let one be down by the struggles they go through. He helped me with my reading by giving me reading activities and by meeting with me to see how I was doing and if I needed more help. I really appreciate what Mr. Linse has done for me. I appreciate the time he took out of his day to check on me and to help me when I really needed it.

Olivia Schmidt

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