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Our branding is inspired by the symbolic north star.
Like guiding stars in the night sky, great teachers helps students navigate their own paths.

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“Aldridge was selected [as an Honoree], with Atlantic contributing editor Andrew Exum, who is also a veteran, penning her profile.”

“The event also recognized Karen Sonneborn and Katherine Boone's new organization, Honored, which identifies and rewards outstanding K-12 teachers for their commitment to students.”

“Blanco is credited with leading a digital revolution at the Bronx school. He proposed a new position for himself - technology coordinator - to educate students on essential digital skills…”

“The kids know he believes in them, that’s the thing. It’s asset-based: You guys have something to offer the world.”

“Mr. Blanco really taught me what being a leader meant. He would ask, ‘What do you think is the next best step?’ instead of giving us all the answers.”

“That type of investment in saying ‘thanks to educators’ is a significant financial gift that really makes a difference in our lives.”

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Meet Honored’s July 2017 National Honoree, Matt Smith
Meet Honored’s June 2017 National Honoree, Rudy Blanco
Meet Honored’s May 2017 National Honoree, John Zirkle

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